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The Brazilian butt lift has become incredibly popular in recent years. Though many women believe that the procedure was developed to give women a bigger rear end, in actuality, what has fueled its popularity is not its ability to increase the size of the buttocks. Rather, the Brazilian butt lift has become popular because it makes the buttocks appear more youthful and perkier. By using liposuction around the buttocks to provide more definition in this area and then injecting the woman's own fat cells into the upper quadrants of the buttocks, plastic surgeons are able to give women lift and roundness that was previously lacking.

The Brazilian butt lift is essentially two procedures wrapped up into one. Because fat must be harvested from another area of the body for injection into the buttocks, women receive liposuction on their abdomen, outer thighs, or the area just above the buttocks. The plastic surgeon sculpts this area of the body so that it will complement the final results of the Brazilian butt lift and provide the patient with a slimmer, more sensual appearance.

Most plastic surgeons recommend the Brazilian butt lift over silicone buttock implants because fat transfer to the buttock allows women to use their own natural fat tissues to increase the roundness and perkiness of their derriere. There is a diminished risk of infection using fat transfer in comparison with buttock implants. And because the fat tissue is a naturally occurring substance, women who get a Brazilian butt lift procedure don't have to worry about the health consequences of introducing a foreign substance like silicone into the body.

The Brazilian butt lift has become popular because the procedure can help women achieve a slimmer waistline or thighs as well as a more attractive behind. The combination of liposuction and fat transfer produces striking results using completely natural substances that are derived from the woman's body itself. The procedure is able to give a youthful appearance to the body while slimming and redistributing fat more attractively.

Who is a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift?

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First and foremost, Brazilian butt lift patients must be healthy, non-smoking individuals who are able to withstand the surgical procedure. Patients should have realistic goals for the procedure and their physique should lend itself well to the benefits offered by a Brazilian butt lift. In some instances, plastic surgeons may recommend a formal butt lift rather than a Brazilian butt lift, if the buttocks are sagging significantly over the buttock crease. The best candidates for a Brazilian butt lift are patients who are simply lacking fullness and perkiness in their derriere.

One of the most important factors that a plastic surgeon will consider when determining whether a particular patient is a good candidate for the procedure is whether or not the patient has enough fat on the body to be transferred and the location of the fat stores. Often, 6 to 7 Liters of fat and other fluids are removed during the liposuction portion of the procedure. Approximately 1.5 to 2.0 Liters will be usable fat. In other words, women who are interested in a Brazilian butt lift, must have at least this amount of fat on the body, in the appropriate locations in order to be good candidates for the procedure.

Finally, patients need to be able to commit to the time it takes to recover from this type of procedure. Patients should expect to take at least 4 weeks off from work and normal activities following a Brazilian butt lift. Full recovery is usually realized within 6 weeks to two months post-op.

What You'll Find at

At you'll find all the information you need to make a decision about whether this type of procedure is right for you. This web site was developed to help prospective patients learn more about the Brazilian butt lift and what it can do for them. At you'll find information about the procedure itself as well as the costs you can expect to accrue from the surgery. Patients can also learn more about how the Brazilian butt lift compares with silicone buttock implants.

Patients who are interested in a Brazilian butt lift can find out more details about the recovery period involved and how to enhance the outcomes from the procedure. And patients who just aren't sure yet about how a Brazilian butt lift could alter their appearance can take a look at before and after pics of other patients who have undergone the procedure to see how it modified their physique by adding lift and contour.

After you've perused the information on the web site and taken some time to study the before and after images provided at, you can use the Surgeon Locator to find a plastic surgeon near you. Set up an initial consultation with one or more plastic surgeons in your area to discuss your unique circumstances and whether or not a Brazilian butt lift would provide you with the look you really want. By doing an initial consultation with a plastic surgeon, you'll be taking your first steps toward improving the youthfulness and sensuality of your appearance.

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